LickiMat SloDog Slow Feeder


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Easy to use: Simply pour the food and shake it around.

Dishwasher safe.  Easy to clean.

Your cat can use it too!

Your dog can see all the food in one place and not have to chase it around a maze.  Avoids frustrating your dog.

Takes up to two cups of dry or wet food.

Easy to use: Simply pour the food and shake it around.  It will disperse evenly very quickly.

Unique product.  Patent Pending.

Dishwasher safe.  Easy to clean.  Elegant.

Your cat can use it too!



LickiMats are a unique and versatile product range designed by vets. They are manufactured and used by pet lovers and pet owners. They are designed to improve your pet’s mental health. They are designed to improve your pet's oral health. They are designed for and suitable for both dogs and cats. The LickiMat range is based on a challenge/reward based treat delivery system that engages pets over a long period of time while only delivering small portions of their favourite treat. LickiMats are designed to deliver a medical free way to promote calm behaviour in your pet while home alone or during stressful times, like storms.
  • Reduces anxiety, boredom and destructive behaviour
  • Tuff and virtually indestructible
  • Recommended for both cats and dogs
  • Slower feeding & healthier feeding
The LickiMat range can also be used as a feeder for most dogs and all cats.

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