A single-use, disposable wasp trapping system for use with NoPests® Wasp Lure (sold separately). 

Just add our Wasp Lure to the Wasp Trap Bag and hang in the desired location.

As the wasps can’t resist the Pheromone drench

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Wasps are a pest in summer and are very annoying. These clever bags are an effective way of preventing wasps from hanging around food and preparation areas, and also keeps them away from people and animals.

How To Use

  • Take the wasp bag and unscrew the lid so the bag hangs from it. Holding the lid of the wasp, fill part way with our Wasp Lure, add water until the liquid is at the line indicated on the bag.
  • Hang the trap vertically by the twist tie attached to the lid in a suitable outdoor position, preferably in the sun and out of the way of food/animals.  Ideally near where the wasps are coming from (if known).
  • Ensure that the trap is held securely in place by the twist wrap and onto the item that the trap is hung from. Where large numbers of traps are used, place the traps about 10m apart.  This distance should be reduced in areas of, particularly high insect activity.  The bags may need to be squeezed a couple of times every few days to break up any coagulation of proteins that may form on the surface of the liquid.

Replacing the trap

The trap should be inspected regularly and replaced when the liquid is saturated with dead wasps.  The trap can be topped up with water to the line if needed. To dispose of the trap, screw the lid closed, remove from its hanging position and throw away via standard waste disposal means.

Keep water topped up to the fill level (don’t allow the trap to dry out)

During storage, store away from damp conditions, direct heat, hot areas, and direct sunlight. Avoid applying excessive weight to boxes to avoid crushing of the contents. The trap systems should be kept under good storage conditions at below 15°C. Under these conditions, the product and the attractant will be usable for a minimum of 2 years

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