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Marine Applications of Bird Repellers

Birds, although pretty to look at, can be quite a handful when they invade your property. It is especially problematic in marine settings where perching and roosting options are quite limited making anything in site, including your marine vessel, quite attractive.

The presence of large numbers of birds (although annoying) is not really the major issue when you have a bird infestation. It is the damage they cause when they invade your vessel that proves costly. Some of the problems birds can cause include:

  1. Damaging your boat’s paint job. Because of the acidic nature of bird poop (about 3 – 4.5 on the pH scale), it causes serious damage to your boat’s paint job. The acidic matter will eat into the paint’s protective coating and if left to sit for longer will corrode the boat itself.
  2. Aesthetic deterioration. Whether at docks, marinas or on your boat, bird droppings will destroy the aesthetic appeal and require expensive maintenance to get rid of the mess.
  3. Slip and fall accidents. Mixed with water, bird droppings can be extremely dangerous as they can cause slip and fall accidents that could result in serious injury or litigation if the accident happens on commercial vessel
  4.  Diseases. Birds are known to carry over 60 transmissible diseases and other dangerous parasites that can be harmful to humans.

With all the problems birds could cause, it becomes necessary to ensure that these potentially harmful creatures stay away. With Pestrol’s marine bird control solution you can rest assured that no pest bird will invade your aquatic space.

The Pestrol Solar Yard Repeller

Pestrol Solar Elite Bird RepellerWith this device, your bird problem will be a thing of the past. The repeller uses a combination of three technologies to make sure that birds steer clear of your vessell regardless of the time of day. The technologies employed are ultrasonic emissions – this is sound that is inaudible to humans but very annoying to birds, audible sound which mimics the sounds made by predatory birds and a powerful strobe light. View the Pestrol Solar Bird Repeller > 

How it works

This device is fitted with a motion sensor which ensures that the device remains inactive when there are no avian intruders around. When a bird comes within range of the device (up to a distance of 18 metres), the device kicks into action and scares it away. Depending on the settings you choose, the device can either use sonic sound or ultrasonic sound, both can be combined with the strobe light.

In addition to the fitted solar panel, this repeller also uses 4 x AA rechargeable batteries (included with the package) to store power for when sunlight intensity is not enough to power the device. This combined with its weatherproof construction makes it ideal for maritime use.

Benefits of using the Pestrol Solar Yard Repeller For Marine Applications

Some of the benefits of using this bird repellent for marine bird control include:

  1. Effectiveness. With a combination of three bird repelling technologies and two power sources, you can be sure that this device will effectively keep birds off your boat no matter the time of day.
  2. It’s good for the environment. The device uses renewable energy and does not cause any harm to the birds which make it ideal for the environment.
  3. It is easy to set up and maintain. The solar repeller powers itself and has a motion sensor for detecting invading birds. Once set up, the device requires no additional attention.

View Pestrol’s range of Bird Control Products > 

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