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What Types of Pest Control Methods are Available to the Average Home Owner?

Most people have been conditioned to believe that every type of pest problem requires a call to a local pest control company. The pest control methods used by companies can include poisons and harsh chemicals that can be toxic and may require you to vacate your home for several long hours. In addition, you will end up paying a lot of money to the company dealing with your pest problems for the products that they are using to get rid of the pests as well as their labour and other expenses.

Many pest control companies do not give the home owner much of a choice when it comes to pest control methods. They have specific proprietary methods that they use for each type of pest and this can include the use of toxic chemicals. When you hire a pest control company they will use their most effective method in order to get the work done quickly, but this may leave you unhappy with the result. This is especially true if you are trying to avoid toxic chemicals and poisons in your home environment.

You may be interested in knowing more about safe pest control methods that are non-toxic!

Most people are very concerned about the effect of pest control methods on their family, pets as well as the environment. Although many countries have banned the most toxic pest control methods, some pest control companies continue to use products that most people would consider dangerous.

The best way to be sure is to deal with pest control at your home yourself. You can do this by sourcing and purchasing products from a reliable company that specialises in non-toxic pest control products that are safe for use around your home.

Pestrol specializes in safe pest control products

Pestrol is a conscientious pest control supplier that offers a large selection of pest control products that are designed to deal with just about any pest problem that you might be experiencing. Pestrol offers pest control methods that work well for any pest problem that home owners commonly deal with.

Pestrol’s line of safe pest control methods include:

Pestrol Rodent Control – this ultrasonic device plugs into an outlet and uses high frequency sound waves to repel rodents. Rodents prefer not to be around this type of obnoxious noise, so they leave your home to find a quieter place to live.

Rodent Free

Mosquito Traps. Mosquitoes are carries of some of the most deadly and dangerous diseases that can be transmitted through the act of them biting you. Pestrol offers mosquito resistant clothing and effective mosquito traps which can protect you from the risk of being bitten.

Pestrol Outdoor Dominator

Pestrol Animal Away – this device fends off unwanted animals and discourages them from coming into your yard. This includes possums, cats and dogs from neighbouring homes. You will no longer have to worry about scat from animals in your beautiful grass because this device will ensure those animals do not come into your yard.


Pestrol Ultra. This pest control product is 100% natural and is an effective and safe way to eradicate fleas, silverfish, cockroaches and ants. Pestrol Ultra contains pyrethins that break down the waxy coating of an insect’s body and suffocate them. The product is completely safe around pets and children and can even be used in areas where food is served.

Pestrol Ultra

Bird Spikes. Birds tend to sit on the edge of your home’s roof and make a big mess. Installing bird spikes can discourage birds from landing on your roof. These spikes are fastened to the roof and flap around in the wind which scares the birds away.

narrow bird spikes

Fruit Fly Traps. It seems that fruit flies end up in your home each year from out of the blue. They simply appear one day and multiply like mad, but with a Pestrol fruit fly trap called the Trapple you won’t have to worry about these. This safe and effective pest control method is one of the best ways to deal with fruit flies and end the infestation.

Fruit Fly Traps

Non-Deadly Animal Traps. If you don’t mind dealing with little creatures, but just don’t want them in your home, you can use humane animal traps that collect animals of varying sizes. You need to choose the right sized trap for your needs including to trap rats, mice and possums. These animals will not be harmed or killed, but the trap will attract and capture them so that you can take them elsewhere for release far away from your home.

A Different Kind of Company

Pestrol has your safety and health in mind and has worked hard to develop and offer a large variety of pest control products for every pest problem that a home owner might encounter. Pestrol knows about the common pests and the need for people to get rid of them. The average home owner is now able to have access to a wide variety of pest control products that are affordable and effective.

Now home owners have a choice. Instead of having to call an expensive pest control company, they can look at Pestrol’s product line and discover an effective pest control product that will help them to deal with a particular pest problem. The best part is that these products are safe for use around the home without the home owner having to spend a large amount of money on pest control. Take a look at Pestrol’s product line now to discover a product that you can use in your home.

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