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The Ant Café® is a refillable container for insect bait that protects the environment from contamination.

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The Ant Café® is a refillable container for insect bait that protects the environment from contamination. It has a small, adjustable entryway that protects the bait from desiccation. The Ant Café® can be placed vertically or horizontally when used with granular or gel baits, but should only be placed vertically when used with liquid baits.


  • The Ant Café’s polypropylene construction allows it to be used indoors or outside.
  • The Ant Café is adjustable; initially, only one end is open, the 1/8″ access is ideal for reducing liquid bait evaporation white still allowing access to small sweet-feeding ants.
  • The size of the hole in the hinged end can be increased by inserting the tip of a pen or pencil to the precut 114″ diameter. • The seated end can also be adjusted in the same manner to allow either 1/8″ or 1/4″ access. • The Larger diameter holes are used when large ants or small roaches are the target pest and a granular or get type bait is used.
  • The Ant Café can be securely sealed by passing a Locking plastic tie through the molded eyelets.
  • The triangular shape permits placement dose to walls, on window sills and even kitchen counters.
  • The Ant Café can be secured in place inside or out with our locking tie and/or tape anchor system.




• Select the bait formulation and active ingredients most appropriate to the target pest. • All insect pests require food, water and shelter; place your Ant Café between two of these requirements and adjacent to observed activity.

• Keep baits fresh—even our Ant Café won’t keep baits fresh forever.

• When reusing bait stations, flush thoroughly with water and dry before adding new bait.


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