Copper Mesh Rodent Control


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Rodent Copper Mesh 12cm x 9M

  • Easy to Use
  • Versatile Application
  • 100% Pure Copper
  • Knitted Weave
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Rodent Copper Mesh 12cm x 9M

  • Easy to Use
  • Versatile Application
  • 100% Pure Copper
  • Knitted Weave

Over time, homes can shift and create entrances for unwanted guests, plug them up with Rodent Copper Rodent Proof Mesh 12cm x 9m!

Whether it be the house settling, a weep hole in the wall, or a pipe that wasn’t fully sealed, there are always small nooks and crannies that pests such as Rodents, Birds, bats, and snails can make their way in. As a result, these troublesome pests can make their way inside and cause damage, or be a general nuisance. With copper rodent proof mesh, you can eliminate this problem by blocking their paths and keeping the pests out!

Plugging all the holes can be tricky, so this product works fantastic in conjunction with our Pestrol Rodent Free!

Working with Copper

You’ll be hassle-free as this mesh is easy to work with. Therefore you can set up in even the slightest of gaps with little effort. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to manage. For example, being a soft metal it’s simple to cut to size. In addition, you’ll find with its special interlocked structure that you can tack, staple, and even glue it into any openings.

This is 100%, pure copper! This means it’s a stiff, flexible, and stronger material than copper alloys. It is next to impossible for pests to crawl through and extremely difficult for them to remove. Its knitted construction makes it very durable and consequently catches rodents’ teeth making it hard for them to chew through.

Friendly to the Environment

You’ll also find it to be very eco friendly! Nonflammable, rust-free! No stains left on brick or wood! A great non-toxic non-poisonous pest control option while also being fully recyclable!

Robust Application

An incredibly versatile product, you can use it to seal holes, and even protect the garden from snails and slugs! It doesn’t stop there, you’ll find it also acts as a great mesh scrubber which is perfect for scrubbing those easy-to-scratch surfaces!

Installation Tips:

  1. Identify all gaps and spaces where rodents may be entering your building.
  2. Measure the amount/width and space required.
  3. Using sturdy and sharp scissors cut the amount, ensuring it is slightly larger than required.
  4. Firmly place the rodent protection of steel wool into place.
  5. Using the flat side of a screwdriver, push the wool into its final resting place.


  • Always wear gloves
  • When working in an overhead position ALWAYS wear safety goggles to ensure that no loose fibres get into your eyes.

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  3. Works well and it is perfect to close up little holes to prevent mice coming into the house.

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  4. Fast delivery and just the product i was after .

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  5. Fast, efficient service. And, it has worked! No rats in our pump house for the very first time ever! Thoroughly recommend the company and the product.

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