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Pestrol Rodent Free Pro

from: $119.90 from: $99.90

Special Discounted Prices if you buy Multiple units!

2 Units – $195

3 Units – $285

5 Units – $460

10 Units – $890

Say Goodbye to rodents with Pestrol Rodent Free Pro!

  • Uses Electromagnetic, ultrasonic and ionic technologies to scare away rodents
  • Effectively covers walls, ceiling and open spaces
  • Chemical free product, safe for kids and pets
  • Works against rats, mice as well as cockroaches
  • 2 years Warranty and 60 day money back guarantee

Estimated Coverage:

  • 1 unit is sufficient for 1-2 bedroom house.
  • 2 units are sufficient for a 2-3 bedroom house.
  • 3 units are sufficient for a 3-4 bedroom house.
  • Multi-level houses would require 1-2 units per floor.

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Pestrol Rodent Free Pro – New Zealand’s Best Rodent Repeller; Get rid of Rats, Mice, and helps control cockroaches.

Why choose Rodent Free Pro?

  • No installation required, simple plug in device
  • Effectively covers walls, ceiling and open spaces
  • Uses Electromagnetic, ultrasonic and ionic technologies
  • Chemical free product, safe for kids and pets
  • Utilizes the existing wiring within the walls of your home to send signals which irritate pests
  • Due to ionic technology, the unit emits negative ions which constantly purify the air you breathe.
  • No harm to pets like cats, dogs, birds or fish as they have different genetic structure to rodents
  • Also helps in the control of Cockroaches
  • 2 years Warranty and 60 day money back guarantee

Where to use:

  • Inside your house
  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Restaurant/Café
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

Setting up the device:

There is a switch on the left side of Rodent Free device. When you plug in the device in mains, make sure the switch is all the way to the bottom so that all the three technologies are active in repelling the rodents.

How does it work?

Rodent Free Pro makes use of three technologies to repel the rodents : Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic, Ionic.

Electromagnetic Rodent Control

The Electromagnetic technology used in the Pestrol Rodent Free utilises the existing wiring within the walls of your home or building by simply sending pulsing or shifting signals through the wires. This pulsing is tuned to directly affect the pest’s nervous system. The signal is turned on and off at set intervals so that rodents and cockroaches don’t build up a tolerance. Electromagnetic vibrations irritate the pests and they tend to stay away. If sufficient number of units are installed inside the house, your house will be pest-free in short period of time. The electromagnetic technology is the most powerful defence of this unit to protect your home against pests.

Ultrasonic Rodent Control

The Ultrasonic technology utilises a high frequency sound which is emitted from the unit at an interval. This Ultrasonic sound is not audible to humans. The Pestrol Rodent Free Ultrasonic frequency emits a pulse or wave that disturbs and disorients rodents and cockroaches, driving them away from your home or business. The high frequency sound creates a very uncomfortable environment for the rats, mice, and roaches making it almost impossible for them to communicate, breed, gather food, nest, and live their daily lives.
The Ultrasonic sound waves cannot pass through solid objects and walls. The Ultrasonic sound emitted from this unit will be effective in the room that you have placed the unit in. The electromagnetic pulses will cover your home through the normal wiring circuit but it is essential to have sufficient units to cover the size of your house. Using a variable pulse generator, the Pestrol Rodent Free emits fluctuating sound waves ensuring pests do not become accustomed or immune to the Ultrasonic waves.

Ionic Rodent Control

Ionic technology emits electrically charged negative ions that are very common in our atmosphere. Negative ions are produced naturally by lightning before a storm. Animals are naturally sensitive to negative ions and you may notice that long before lightning storm, cockroaches, rodents and other animals sense a change in the environment. Many animals become unsettled, change their behaviour and begin looking for protection from the incoming storm. This device’s Ionic feature mimics the electric charge of an incoming storm throughout your home or office, transforming your area into a hostile environment. Pests become confused and frightened and tend to seek shelter far from the range of any Pestrol Rodent Free product.
Besides making your indoors pest free, the Ionic technology constantly works to purify the air you breathe, helping create a pest free and healthy environment within your home or business.

Specifications :

  • Electromagnetic pulsing covers approx. 150m2
  • Size: Height: 13cm Width: 7.7cm Depth: 6.5cm (approx.)
  • Power: AC 240 V/50HZ
  • Power consumption: 8 Watts (Max.)
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: Various frequencies used.
  • Ultrasonic Wave: At selected intervals
  • Electromagnetic Pulse: At computer generated intervals

How many units would be required to cover my house/office?
We recommend 1 unit for a 1-2 bedroom house. If you use a single unit for a bigger house then it won’t be really effective at keeping your house rodent free. So its important to have sufficient units in your house/building for best results. Often multi-story homeowners purchase 1 plus unit per floor depending on the size of the area to be covered.
How long should I wait to see results?
After you plug in Pestrol Rodent Free Pro, you will observe increased activity as rodents and cockroaches get irritated and disturbed due to the electromagnetic, ultrasonic sounds & negative ions in the air. It can take around three weeks to remove rodents from the house but often they will start to move out within a few days. Pests would be looking for an escape route out of the house so make sure you keep door or window open.
Best place to plug in Rodent Free Pro?
You can plug the Pestrol Rodent Free anywhere in the house, just make sure its approx. 0.5m above floor level in an unobstructed area. This will allow the electromagnetic pulses to cover maximum area in your house. Please be aware that ultrasonic sound waves cannot travel through solid objects or bend around corners. If you have electric plug in your roof or wall cavities it is recommended to place a unit there.
What is the life of Pestrol Rodent Free device?
The unit can last up to 10 years. Also, the unit comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and 60 days money back guarantee. If you do face any problems with the device, give us a call at 0800 88 88 44 and we will be happy to assist.
Why do the lights keep flashing on and off on the unit?
The yellow (ultrasonic) and red (electromagnetic) lights will constantly flash on the unit. This is because these two technologies will turn on and off so the rodents and cockroaches don’t build up a tolerance to the unit. The green (ionic) light is more subtle than the red and yellow lights, and this light will stay on constantly, not flash on and off. The night light (blue light) on top of the unit once switched on will stay on constantly.
Can I have traps and baits set up with this unit in place?
We recommend not to have any traps or bait set in your home when using the Rodent Free. As this unit works to repel rats, mice and cockroaches, baits will attract the rats and mice into your home which will counteract the Rodent Free Unit.
It is also recommended to block holes around the water pipes in the kitchen and hot water cylinder to prevent rodents coming inside. Make sure there are no trees touching the roof allowing access by rodents.
How much Power does the Pestrol Rodent Free use?
The unit uses the same power as a 3 Watt light bulb. The unit will cost only a few cents a week to run.
I have just purchased Pestrol Rodent Free Pro but not sure if I am using it correctly. Do I just plug it in & leave the button at the top?
You need to switch the button on the side all the way to the bottom so all the lights are on. This will activate all the technologies.

23 reviews for Pestrol Rodent Free Pro

  1. braylin

    We built a new home and once the cold weather hit we were hit with so many mice in the house! I did my research and found this product to have the best ratings and reviews. I bought 3 for our home and I am so glad I did. It took about 2 weeks for the product to work but we have not seen any sign of mice or rats in our house since. I would highly recommend this product!

  2. blaise.turnbull

    Highly effective product! No more scratching in the walls at night and love not having to set traps. Bought the flea trap so fingers crossed we’ll be a pest free household soon!

  3. Hind

    I was very skeptical about buying this when I saw them at mitre 10. I’d read and researched all the different gadgets and found the reviews on Pestrol devices to be getting the best reviews so we bought one.

    Before plugging it in it was as if some thing was playing rugby in our roof space. We even tried putting mothballs despite them being toxic but we could hear whatever was up there rolling them around. After plugging in the Pestrol unit the noises continued for about a week then nothing. These units really work and I’ve been recommending them to anyone complaining of mice and rat problems

  4. melsandben

    We’ve always used Pestrol products and swear by them. Tried other brands in the past and have often found them to be rubbish compared to your Pestrol brand so thank you for that. Keep up the good work.

  5. Shane Milne

    We have had ours for years and no mice or rats. Good product. Recommend them. Fleur Moffett

  6. tanjay03

    I must say this product really works. When we brought our house in 2008 we didn’t know but there were mice and rats living in the ceiling. Really big water rats we tries baitvant traps nothing worked. But we brought rodent free petrol plug in device and the rodents vanished. Never had any more anywhere in the house. They really work ? .

  7. Joanne (verified owner)

    Have to say after this time last season with maize being harvested we got infested with rats/mice it was insane ….. this time after purchasing two of these we haven’t had any at all!! But we do need more for our sheds which would be awesome ? as we are on a farm

  8. Alison (verified owner)

    Best rat and mouse repellent out. I’ve used other cheaper makes and this has been the best. No more cleaning up mouse poop off the kitchen benches or listening to them chewing. Better sleep at night for me and the dogs as they used to try and chase them causing carnage during the night. Now we all get a good nights sleep 🙂 Thank you so much for making these

    • Ange Giles

      Thank you for your awesome feedback Alison!!

  9. Barbara Howlett

    The Pestrol Rodent Free got rid of the mice in our roof and walls and any new invaders that get in, last only a day before all goes quiet again.
    We live in a rural property in Matakana and purchased our first unit 18 months ago when we moved back into our cottage after several months away. Despairing of ever getting rid of the mice that had colonised our roof (it is very steep and high and we could not use baits or traps), we purchased the Rodent Free. It did take a couple of weeks to get rid of the initial established infestation (and the literature does say that this might be the case) but now when any mice get in the scurrying only lasts a day before quiet returns. We were so impressed with the unit that we bought a second for our steel framed barn. We have had no signs of mice there for over a year. Judging by the way the units fly out of our nearby Mega Mitre 10 Store, many of the locals are having the same success with the units. Thank you Pestrol. Not sure whether it is a co-incidence, but the unit in the cottage is plugged into a power point under the electrical circuit board – maybe this has increased it’s efficiency but not sure.

  10. Nicola

    We live in Gisborne surrounded by orchards and have recently had rats nesting under our house. The scratching sound was unbearable, not to mention the mess they were making of our underfloor insulation. Having a rodent phobia I was scared they would somehow find their way inside! My husband was constantly setting traps and we caught some giant beasts under there, but never seemed to rid of them completely. We could not use bait as we have several other pets. My husband was really skeptical but I purchased the unit anyway! Our house is 120sqm so I just purchased the one unit – I have had it plugged in for around a week now, and not a scratch from around day 3 – what can I say….. AWESOME!!!!! I even heard hubby recommending his parents purchase a few for their farm! I cannot praise this product enough, it’s working.

  11. Geoff B

    We live in Auckland and have had continualrodents problems for years.. We have used poisons and traps but the number of rodents grews. My friends convinced me to get a Pestrol Rodent Free…I felt it would be a waste of time but I found within a week the rodent noise started to subside.  In 15 days all signs of rodens were gone.I even placed glue pads on the floor and in the loft area..No rodents.  It is now 3 months since I bought the units and I have bought them for my dairy fame and holiday home…Congratulations on a product that really works

  12. Graham H, Coromandel

    We live in the country surrounded by bush and had a major rat and mice infestation. Plus Cockroaches. It is a large house over 1000 sq metres. We installed 5 units plus two in our separate garage and barn. Within 5- 7 days the rodent droppings stopped and now 5 months later we can still report a rodent free location…No more noise in the walls and ceilings and mess in the cupboard. Also gone to are the cockroaches. We also use them in our holiday home. I was doubtful now I have no hesitation in recommending the Pestrol Rodent Free to my friends. They really work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Allison Parker West Auckland

    Pestrol Rodent Free – I had a major rat and mice infestation in our home. There was damage to our electrical wiring and rodents signs all over the house. My young children were frightened by the noise of the rats in the walls and ceilings as they thought they might chew through the walls. We tried 2 other electronic units which did not work and in fact increased the intensity and number of rodents about. One of my friends recommended the Pestrol unit and in desperation we bought 2 units for our 350 sq metre home. Within 3 or 4 days we noticed a major reduction in rodent noise and within 10 to 15 days we were Rodent Free and have been now for 4 months… I have no hesitation in recommending the Pestrol Rodent Free ( 4in 1) unit.. They gave our family peace of mind and they work.

  14. Kerry Veivers

    Pestrol Rat and Mice Repeller – A couple of months ago my new house had rats in the ceiling and 5 days after installing the Pestrol Rodent Free devices they were gone. I am so glad I called when I heard the ad on the radio, this is truly one of the best products I have ever bought!

  15. Bryan Naido – Waste Services Limited

    The ultra sonic rat and mice repeller has worked exceptionally well at the Wiri Transfer Station over the last few months, we found it very effective in keeping the rats and mice away from the shed and machinery. I have received positive feedback from my mechanic that services my plant, they have not seen any rodents or dropping inside and around the machines. I recommend this device to any company that’s experiencing rodent issues.

  16. D. Horne Christchurch

    Pestrol Rat and Mice Repeller – We have had a plague of rats and mice in our garage and in our ceilings. We found within a week that the rodents left the garage and ceilings, and we no longer have any droppings about. We love the fact we have no traps to set, and only had to plug in the Pestrol Repeller into one of the electric wall sockets. I. certainly recommend the Pestrol 4 in 1 Rat and Mouse Repeller.

  17. Aidan Hill, Onehunga

    I am writing to you to let you know what a fantastic product you have in the “Pestrol Rodent Free”. I had a major problem with rats in my house and garage. After laying bait and traps for over 2 weeks, (which was getting a bit messy) it was still evident that the rats were still around, so I needed to find another solution. I bought 2 of your “Pestrol Rodent Free” plug in products and put one in my home and the other in my garage. The great thing is you can’t hear them and you also get a lovely soft night light which works perfectly for my kids. I am pleased to say I now have no rat problem in my garage and in the roof of my home. I have even put down some bait in the garage to see if they are still around. After 2 months the bait is still there, uneaten. I would highly recommend your product and am telling all my friends.

  18. Dorothy – Mairangi Bay

    I purchased a Pestrol Rat and Mice Repeller 6 months ago as I had rats in my ceilings which made me feel very uncomfortable. The unit worked well and within a short times the rats left our ceilings. After a few weeks I switched the unit off. Within 5 days the rats were back again. I got the unit back on again and the rats left very quickly.

    I have no hesitation in recommending this product as it gives me amazing peace of mind not to hear the rats fighting and running across our ceilings. I simply hate the noise and the smell rats bring. I keep the Pestrol unit on now 24/7.

  19. Karen, Papakura, South Auckland

    Hi Pestrol I am loving the Pestrol 4 in 1 units. For some time we have had rats fighting and running around in the ceiling in our storage building and sleep out. Rat mess everywhere. I plugged in the units and within 2-3 days they had all left. They were so keen to leave they all left by making a tunnel in the pink bats to escape. They left a trail of fibreglass as evidence of their hurried getaway. Now 4 weeks later there is no sign of rats or droppings. I have recommended the units to my friends who have had the same very happy experience Thanks for the peace of mind.

  20. Carolyn H

    To Pestrol

    We have been overrun with Rodents in our walls and ceilings. Mainly rats. What a mess.Not sure how they got in the house.
    The noise they made upset our children and they became very frightened. They were concerned they would come out of the walls.
    We have a bigger house in the country so we installed 3 Pestrol Rodent Free units late in June 2013. 2 weeks ago.
    No longer hear any signs of rodents in the walls and ceilings. No fresh droppings.
    I was recommended you product by a friend and I want to let you know we just love what your product has done.
    Amazing and the children are very relaxed and happy now.

  21. David G  – Auckland

    I have been dealing with Pestrol since 1998 with the insect automatic spray and the outside exterminator for mosquitoes…Amazing products…..

    Our family home was being attacked by rodents and we often used to heara them scratching in the walls an ceilings. We tried traps and poisons but the problem continued.

    We purchased 3 units in 2013 and can report that our place is roent free for 18 months..No cockraches either. I now use the Rodent Free product in our factory and also in our rental properties….The same result…Guys great to have a product that works.

  22. Nicky Webber

    We recently moved from the CBD of Auckland to a 10 acre block. One thing we didnt count on was the plague of mice and rats. They kept us awake at night gnawing in the ceiling and wall cavitites. We had tried traps and all kinds of other things. They even worked out how to get the peanut butter out of the traps without setting them off! Finally we saw the TV ad and purchased 3 Pestrol devices. From Day ONE there has been silence Not a single sign of any rodent anywhere near the house! THANKS Pestrol – you are GENIUS!!!

  23. Toni Ulrich, Grey Lynn

    I am writing to let you know how pleased I have been with the “rat and mice four in one Repeller’ I purchased the product in summer 2010 after having a major rat issue inside and outside my house in Grey Lynn. Rats had literally camped out up in my roof and under my house, eating through the wiring in the dishwasher, stereo and outdoor lighting. I called a pest control company and the representative came out and put bait in the ceiling, he also sprayed the house for mosquitoes and flies. While he promised the spray was safe I did feel a little weird after he had sprayed and was worried about the effect the spray would have on my young kittens at the time. I then saw your products advertised in the newspaper and purchased both the Repeller ant the Pestrol Automatic Pest Control. I have to admit I was a bit sceptical at first about the Repeller. However it has now been almost 2 years since purchasing the product and we have had only one rat, which my cat bought in and could have caught anywhere in the area. There is no more need for rat bait and no fear of dying rats escaping by running into the pool, which happened after rat bait was put into the ceiling. I can highly recommend this product and would also highly recommend the insect control, which works both inside and out. I am so pleased I saw your ad in the NZ herald as I would never have known such an amazing range of products existed.

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    Special Discounted Prices if you buy Multiple units!

    2 Units – $195

    3 Units – $285

    5 Units – $460

    10 Units – $890

    Say Goodbye to rodents with Pestrol Rodent Free Pro!

    • Uses Electromagnetic, ultrasonic and ionic technologies to scare away rodents.
    • Effectively covers walls, ceiling and open spaces.
    • Chemical free product, safe for kids and pets
    • Works against rats, mice as well as cockroaches.
    • 2 years Warranty and 60 days money back guarantee.
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    Major Discounted Prices if you buy Multiple units!

    2 Units – $195

    3 Units – $285

    5 Units – $460

    10 Units – $890

    Say Goodbye to rodents with Pestrol Rodent Free Pro!

    • Uses Electromagnetic, ultrasonic and ionic technologies to scare away rodents.
    • Effectively covers walls, ceiling and open spaces.
    • Chemical free product, safe for kids and pets
    • Works against rats, mice as well as cockroaches.
    • 2 years Warranty and 60 days money back guarantee

    Estimated Coverage:

    • 1 unit is sufficient for 1-2 bedroom house.
    • 2 units are sufficient for 2-3 bedroom house.
    • 3 units are sufficient for 3-4 bedroom house.
    • Multi-level houses would require 1-2 units per floor.
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    Pestrol Rodent Free Pro x 5

    $499.00 $460.00

    Special Discounted Prices if you buy Multiple units!

    2 Units – $195

    3 Units – $285

    5 Units – $460

    10 Units – $890

    Say Goodbye to rodents with Pestrol Rodent Free Pro!

    5 Rodent Free Pro units should be sufficient to cover bigger homes with more than 4-5 bedrooms.

    • Uses Electromagnetic, ultrasonic and ionic technologies to scare away rodents.
    • Effectively covers walls, ceiling and open spaces.
    • Doesn’t affect your pets.
    • Works against rats, mice as well as cockroaches.
    • 2 years Warranty and 60 days money back guarantee.
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