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Pestrol 360° Pest Repeller


High-Intensity Ultrasonic waves and strong LEDs provide 360° coverage and repel all the rodents from large open spaces.

360° Pest Repeller covers around 400 sq.m and you can use it in attics, supermarkets, garage, barns etc.

Rodent Solution for Bedroom/Kitchen – Pestrol Rodent Free Pro.

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Why choose the Pestrol 360° pest repeller?

  • Coverage : 400 sq. m
  • 360 pest repeller emits High Intensity Ultrasonic waves of the frequency between 24000-40000Hz
  • Bright LED strobes on all sides of the device
  • 3 different color LEDs change automatically making rats/mice and other pests panic and leave the area
  • Motion detection sensor equipped device.
  • You can place the device in Garages, garden sheds, barn, garage, roof space, dairy sheds, wool sheds, grain storage etc.
  • Effective against Mice, Rats, Pests, Cockroaches, etc

Setting up the pest repeller:

  • Place the unit with an unobstructed view of the area you want to protect.
  • Do not set it at a place under direct sunlight or near water as this product is for indoor use only.
  • It’s a plug in unit. There is a socket at the base of the unit
  • Controls on the Device :
    1. 3 Color LEDs : OFF/ON
    2. LED strobe : Rotation or Flash
    3. Ultrasonic Waves – Sweep Frequency/OFF/Fixed + Sweep. If sweep is selected, ultrasonic waves will be emitted only when rodent motion is detected around the device. Its best adviced to keep the setting on Fixed+Sweep.

1 review for Pestrol 360° Pest Repeller

  1. Rita Mataroria (verified owner)

    I purchased one of these Pestrol 360° PEST Repeller units in January 2018, I’ve just purchased the 2nd one now June 2019. Although expensive, they appear to do the job. The first one I placed in my garage as I was annoyed that there was evidence of rats in there and had damaged some stored stuff. I’ve got the 2nd one as I’ve recently seen rats around late at night running along the tops of neighbor’s fences and my deck railings so in preparation for the pending cold weather and influx of rats again, I want to get ahead of these critters, this one will be plugged into my ceiling, am hoping an electrician will install power up there specifically for this unit as I have heard scurrying around in the ceiling. I also have a Pestrol Impact Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller underneath my house plugged into a cord running into my kitchen as rats had damaged my water pipes after I got my whole house replumbed! I also purchased the Pestrol Vehicle Rodent Repeller for my car as they had gotten up under my bonnet and chewed through the hoses twice! Also I recommend the Pestrol Rodent Free Pro units of which I have 3 with another on the way. I have had too much damage to my house, garage and car to continue forking out repair costs, I would rather invest the money into quality Pestrol products which appear to be working well! Spending more money is worth it for the damage and costs saved in the longer term.

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