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The Pestrol Outdoor Bug Eater is the original safe, tried and tested insect trap. Controlling mosquitos and other flying insects has never been easier.

The Outdoor Bug Eater attracts mosquitos and other flying insects that are attracted to the irresistible UV black light. A powerful hidden fan then creates a strong downdraft. The insects are blown down into the tray of soapy water and drown.

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The Outdoor Bug Eater is a Mosquito Trap that will kill insects by drowning – no chemicals used and perfect to reclaim your outdoor living space.
The Bug Eater is a proven insect trapping system that works by using black light that attracts mosquitoes to the machine.
It breaks the breeding cycle of light-attracted insects taking the male out of breeding – thus no poisons or gases trying to destroy females and their eggs.
The technology uses UV light reflections incorporated via a prism that is specific to blood-sucking and larvae laying insects that will mate and multiply if not caught.
Place a Bug Eater outside in the backyard to catch flying insects that carry disease or draw blood – mosquitoes, midges, moths, no-see-ums, sand flies, beetles.

• 8-watt Ultra-Violet Black Light bulb attracts insects from up to 1km directional.
• A 1.8-metre extension cord.
• A powerful hidden fan creates a downdraft and blows the insects into the tray of soapy water.
• Unit approved to use in all weather conditions and can be used without the cover.
• Comes with a mounting bracket to attach to post or building or can be used freestanding.
• Pull out tray slides out easily for emptying and refilling.
• A squirt of liquid soap detergent in the water breaks the surface tension and the insects sink to the bottom and drown.
• SUITABLE FOR – Households, Workplace, Agriculture, Horticulture, Schools, Holiday Resorts, Food Preparation Areas
• Need a mosquito solution for inside; consider our Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap

12 Month warranty

For Best Results
Activate The unit at least 50-100cm off the ground.
Place unit away from other competing light sources.
The unit works best from dusk till dawn.
The unit is rated to be used in all weather conditions (However, we recommend placing the unit inside or undercover when you are experiencing heavy rain).

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