Pestrol Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap


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Indoor Mosquito Trap with Intelligent Light Control to give you a good night’s sleep.

  • NO Chemical and NO Pesticides
  • SAFE around family, children, and pets
  • Bionic Mosquito-trapping
  • Sundown Sensor
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Powered by USB, Sleep easy is a small unit elegantly built. Sundown Sensor on the device activates the mosquito trap as soon as the room goes dark. The unit has an additional LED night light and ambience light feature.

  • Coverage area: 1 room or 40 sqm
  • Usage: Indoor
  • Power: Mains/USB
  • Size: Small
  • Weather resistant: No

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Works best with Mosquito attractants!

Why choose the Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap?

  • 100% Safe among children and pets
  • Attracts and kills mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects
  • Extremely effective LEDs to lure mosquitoes, flies and other flying pests.
  • Silent vacuum fan sucks insects into the catchment tray where the mosquitoes dehydrate and die.
  • Pestrol Indoor Mosquito Trap not only can be used as a mosquito trap but can also be a LED night light for the home, office, kitchen and bathroom.
  • Powered by USB with DC 5V safe voltage with the connection of an adapter, phone, computer or any other devices.
  • Equipped with a Sundown sensor which activates by itself when the sun goes down and bugs are most active.
  • Easy to dispose of insects by emptying the bottom catchment
  • The main housing is made of BPA-free washable silicone material and soft touch buttons. It’s perfect for the bedroom, study or baby room nightstand decoration.

Things to Note :

  • Please remember to start the trap in mosquito-trapping mode in advanced (or turn on the intelligent light control mode).
  • The unit is most effective when placed in a dark room.
  • About 30 minutes after entering the mosquito catchment tray, the mosquitoes will dry, dehydrate and die. Please remember to run the indoor mosquito trap for as long as possible.
  • Pair the Sleep easy with Octenol attractant lures to speed up the process of attracting mosquitoes and eventually killing them.

According to the World Health Organisation mosquitoes are among the deadliest animals of all. For many of us, we just want a good night sleep or be able to watch our favourite TV show without having the sounds of hungry blood-sucking mosquitoes getting ready to pounce. Furthermore, getting bitten and then having to deal with the itch is the last thing we need. Welcome to our most successful indoor mosquito control product yet. The sleep easy indoor mosquito control product was extensively tested around New Zealand & Australia last summer before we committed to adding this product to our safe mosquito control range.


PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: Whilst the mosquito traps will catch and reduce the mosquito population in your area. Please be aware, unfortunately, there is no 100% full proof product on the market that will ensure that you don’t get bitten. Every precaution should always be taken to prevent the risk of mosquito bites around the world.



  • Material: Silicone, ABS and Beech
  • Operating Voltage: 5V DC
  • Power consumption(Mosquito trap): 4W
  • Power consumption(Night lamp): 1W
  • Area of application: 60sq m
  • LED lifetime: approx. 50,000 hours
  • Dimensions: 16cmX16XcmX19cm
  • Weight: 480g
  • Colour: White
  • Warranty: 1 years manufacturer warranty

Frequently Asked Questions(3)

Q: How long before I start to see a reduction in mosquitoes?
A: Once you have placed the mosquito trap in the room, it will take a couple of days to lure and capture mosquitoes in the trap.  In the first day, you will notice them flying closer and closer around the mosquito trap, and eventually, they will be captured.

Q: Are the mosquito traps harmful?
A: No, they are not. Mosquito Traps are chemical-free and are completely safe around family and pets.

Q: Do mosquito traps really work?
A: Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that people exhale and to a certain spectrum of light, such as UV light. Mosquito traps are equipped with a mosquito Trapping light that will attract and lure mosquitoes into the trap. An optional lure, that can be placed inside the mosquito chamber, will attract mosquitoes faster into the trap.

8 reviews for Pestrol Sleep Easy Indoor Mosquito Trap

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  1. Such an excellent product that actually works, especially if you have young children and you are worried about using chemicals around them. We live in the bush and get so many mosquitoes indoors during the summer. This trap is so effective that we immediately bought another one as it’s so useful. The fan sounds similar to a white noise machine so it’s great in the baby’s room, we just put it somewhere low so that the light isn’t too bright.

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  4. Definitely works, but because it is a bright uv light and a fan is operating it can disturb sleep. Good if your room is big enough to distance this device.

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