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Electronic Pest Control Devices – The Benefits

Electronic pest control is a great approach to dealing with a wide variety of pests. Traditionally, many people have been led to believe that the only way to deal with certain types of pests is with dangerous chemicals, poisons and devices that maim or kill pest animals. Nothing could be farther from the truth, especially with the development of effective products that do not interfere with your daily routine.

Pestrol is a proud supplier to homeowners across New Zealand who want to deal with a pest problem but do not want to use products that can harm the environment or accidentally poison a pet. It truly is possible to get control of a wide variety of pests by discouraging them from every coming near your home, via electronic pest control.

The set up for an electronic device does not take any special skill or handling. Simply plug the unit in after unpacking it, and turn the switch to “on”. The device will then emit a noise that pest animals find intolerable. Pest animals will try to get as far away from the device as they can because they cannot stand the noise and will leave the area for a quieter and more peaceful setting.

What kinds of pests do the Pestrol Electronic Pest Control Devices Handle?

New Zealand has a wide variety of pest animals that can be effectively controlled including rats, rabbits, possums, mice, hedgehogs and cats.

Rodents can cause extensive damage with their constant need to chew. The teeth of rodents continually grow and their excessive chewing can destroy wiring, cables, wood, and even cement. Rats and mice can contaminate areas and food supplies with their hair, droppings and urine. Mice find their way around through urine trails and extensively urinate as they move around.

Birds can all be very annoying. Sparrows tend to make nests in the roof of your home or in the eaves and when they fly overhead they let droppings fly on freshly washed vehicles. Aside from that, when these birds are nesting they can make an extraordinary amount of noise that can irritate home dwellers.

Pestrol’s electronic bird repellent devices are a great way to effectively take care of the problem by repelling birds and keeping them clear of your roof line.

bird repeller

Pestrol’s Polycarbonate Bird Spikes can discourage birds from roosting on your roof or trying to get near it. The spikes flap around and make it difficult for birds to get close to the roof.


These devices are maintenance free and environmentally friendly. The sound that is produced by these devices is not audible by the human ear, but there is a setting available that can be used that you can actually hear if you prefer, just so you know that the device is working.

Pestrol’s electronic device operates using sound waves within the range of 15kHz to 25kHz and is completely adjustable. The device is completely resistant to all kinds of weather and can be left outside to repel a wide variety of pests. The range of the product is as much as 10 metres and through to 170 degrees.

The devices operates in a continuous mode and also use a built in motion sensor that can activate the unit as an animal moves into the area that is covered by the device, an area of 24 x 15 metres or 360 M2. You can also manually change the setting to run continuously which is a good way to control small pest animals (rodents) and birds.

You have a choice of three mode settings including the motion sensor mode where the device is activated when pests are detected within the range of the device. You can choose the constant setting that activates both sonic noises and ultrasonic noises that tend to cycle through ranges fixed at varying intervals. The motion detector does not operate when you utilise the constant setting.

The continuous sweep setting activates a range of both ultrasonic and sonic frequencies that occur at random intervals. The motion detector does not operate on this setting, but this is a setting that is quite helpful for repelling a variety of pests.

There is no need to worry about finding a cost effective way to deal with pests, because an electronic pest control device is something that works well, does not take a lot of maintenance and operates continuously to provide protection on a constant basis.

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