Should you deal with pest control yourself?

One of the most important aspects of home maintenance is pest control. As a home owner, you need to inspect both the inside and outside of your home on a regular basis to check for pests which may be making your home their home.

Any area of your home that has an opening has the potential to host a pest including your roof’s eaves or underneath your home.

You should make a point of inspecting areas that have the potential of infestation on a regular basis. If you have already had some type of pest treatment performed, you want to check and recheck to make sure pests have not returned.

If you think that your only choice for pest control is contact pest control companies, then you would be wrong.

You are perfectly capable of dealing with your pest control problems on your own, as long as you purchase the right products to deal with each pest problem.

Pest Control Products are Toxic, so why should I use them?

You probably have concerns that most pest control products are toxic. The truth is that plenty of pest control companies do still use highly toxic and dangerous products. When you hire a pest control company to deal with a pest problem you simply do not have control over the products that they use in your home or yard. A company may tell you that their products are safe, but there is no absolute guarantee of the safety of a product unless you inspect those products in advance to be sure you know what is being used.

I’m looking for non-toxic pest control products that are affordable – do they exist?

You may be interested in knowing that there are companies that care about non-toxic pest control products as much as you do. Pestrol Pest Control knows that people are interested in using safe products and that is why they are happy to offer a good selection of pest control products that are environmentally safe and safe for people.

Pestrol knows that people want safe products that work. They provide safe products that are effective in dealing with many different pest problems.

What kind of products does Pestrol Pest Control offer?

Pestrol knows that pests need to be eliminated in a safe way without the use of toxic and poisonous chemicals that are harmful to the environment or to water. There is a wide selection of products that are offered by Pestrol, including:


  • “Trapple” – no one likes fruit flies and they seem to come from nowhere. The Trapple is an effective trap for fruit flies and is extremely safe.


  • Pestrol Snake and Toad Away – so how can you keep snakes or toads away from your home? They do not like ultrasonic vibrations and this device is solar powered and is an effective repellent. Snakes are very sensitive to vibrations through receptors that they have in their skin, so when they feel these vibrations, they sense danger and move away from the device. A single device can cover a 35 square meter area in all directions and needs to be placed in an area where it will have the most exposure to sunlight to ensure a full recharge each day.
  • “No Fly Cone” When you spot a pile of poop around your property, simply place this small trap over the feces for a short time. It is non-toxic, waterproof and easy to assemble. Once the trap has collected a large amount of flies it can simply be discarded. Flies do not have a chance to lay eggs on feces because they are collected in the trap, leaving you to enjoy a fly free yard.


  • Electronic repellers – devices which can be plugged into an electrical outlet to repel rodents through the use of a high pitched supersonic noise that drives them away.

Pestrol Rodent Free

  • Pestrol Bird Spikes – if you have a problem with birds landing on your building and pooping everywhere, you can install bird spikes. They create an effective barrier to birds without causing them harm. Once the spikes are placed on a building they prevent birds from perching on the roof of the building. These spikes do not attract much dirt and do not reflect sunlight so they are not easily seen from the ground.


  • Pestrol Yard Repeller – an effective device that scares off unwanted animals from your yard including possums, cats, rodents, birds and dogs.


  • Animal Traps – a humane way to attract and trap animals and release them at a different location, far, far away from your home.


  • Mosquito Traps – because no one enjoys sitting outdoors when they are a meal for insects. These traps are designed to attract mosquitos by generating CO2 which is what we breathe out that attracts mosquitos in the first place. Forget harmful and toxic sprays, chemicals or propane gas, this trap is effective and keeps the mosquitoes away from people.

 Pestrol Outdoor Dominator for mosquito control

  • Orange Guard Natural Crawling Insecticide – an effective product that gets ride of silverfish, cockroaches, ants and any other crawling insects. This is a unique product to the Australian market and is designed for use outdoors and indoors. How does it work? It breaks down the waxy coating of an insect which effectively suffocates them and they die. The product is completely safe around children and pets and you can even use it in food preparation areas or facilities that provide sensitive care such as hospitals. Spray this product on your pet’s bedding to eliminate fleas, it is completely safe. The product biodegrades and is created from water and an edible plant extract. To use the product you won’t have to evacuate a building and you don’t even need to wear gloves. The product has a citrus odour and comes in recyclable packaging.
  • Pestrol automatic insect control dispensers – an affordable choice for pest control – these can be installed around your home and dispense pyrethrins which are natural, effective and not toxic. The dispenser takes a small can which can be replaced once it is emptied.


The next time you think that you must call a pest control company to deal with a pest issue, consider the products offered by Pestrol Pest Control. Many of these products are exclusive and are safe for the environment.

If you are looking for a wide range of products that are safe and effective for DIY pest control, Pestrol has a product that will absolutely work for you.

Pestrol offers the best selection in Australia and always has the right product for your pest control needs. Save money and time by doing it yourself with the right products from Pestrol.

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