Need a Solution for your Rabbit Problem? Look no further!

Most people think of rabbits as fluffy, harmless little creatures. In New Zealand, however, they are a bit of a pest – or at least the wild ones are. Because of this, the country is about to release a deadly virus in an attempt to control the burgeoning population numbers wreaking havoc in open pastures and forests.

The virus in question is a haemorragic disease strain known as the RHDV1 K5 – or simply K5 for short. Its nationwide dissemination is already underway, with the South Island’s Otago region being the first to hop into the eradication bandwagon.

So why is the government taking such drastic measures? According to the Ministry of Primary Industries, wild rabbits can lead to a loss of NZ$50 million as far as agricultural production is concerned. Not to mention the fact that it costs some NZ$25 million to eradicate them in the first place.

Why Rabbits are a problem?

Rabbits and hares browse on the young shoots of all sorts of plants. Hares will strip the bark from newly planted trees. Both can cause great damage in garden particularly in rural areas of New Zealand.

How to get rid of Rabbits naturally?

  1. Use Natural Repellents : Since rabbits are very sensitive to strong odors, apply repellents to plants in the garden. Repellents can be homemade or ready-to-use purchased from a store. Solutions containing ammonia, pepper, and human hair, work through the sense of odor while products with such active ingredients as thiram affect the sense of taste. Garlic, onion and marigold are considered to be the rabbits’ natural enemies.
  2. Fence the entire territory and certain plants
  3. Keep a dog in your yard: Just the presence of a dog in your yard may be enough to keep rabbits away. 

How can Pestrol help with your Rabbit problems?

Electronic Devices to repel rabbits

Pestrol Elite Solar Yard Repeller – Perfect for sun lit areas

Solar powered, Rechargeable battery backup, 25m of detection range, covers a vertical and horizontal angle too, makes ultrasonic/sonic sounds to repel rabbits.

Indoor/Outdoor Animal Repeller – Perfect for areas where there’s not much sunlight

Mains plugin unit, also has a battery backup, 20 m of detection range, makes ultrasonic/sonic sounds to repel rabbits.

Solar Water Jet Repeller – Perfect to repel rabbit with spray of water

Solar powered, rechargeable battery backup, 10 m detection range, spurts water in intervals whenever rabbit is in its range.

Poisonous Bait

Pindone Rabbit Pellets

A first generation anticoagulant poison cereal based pellet.

Rabbits like the taste so they’re unlikely to stop feeding before consuming a lethal dose – therefore there should be no bait shyness.

Bait Stations

Multifeeder Rabbit Bait Station

A safe and efficient poison bait dispenser that holds 2 kg of bait suitable for rabbits.

Trap a Rabbit

Possum/Cat/Rabbit Trap

The Pestrol trap is equipped to catch a range of pests including Possums, Cats, Rabbits, Rats.

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