Pestrol Commentary: Pest Control News From Around New Zealand

A massive pest control operation set to start in West Coast, increased intensity in the fight against wasps, and a new partnership strategy that could help the government with its plan for a pest free NZ by 2050: all this in this month’s news wrap up. 1080 pest control operation to commence in West Coast The government through the Department of Conservation (DOC) will in the coming weeks start dropping 1080 poison in South Island’s […]

Pest Control News New Zealand – July 2016

Picton’s quest to become the first predator-free town in New Zealand, how the moon affects possum and rodent behaviour, and a surge in rat infestation cases in Dunedin: all covered in our monthly news roundup. A town’s quest to become predator free Picton, a Marlborough Coastal community, is looking to become New Zealand’s first town to get rid of all predator pests. The Marlborough District Council is backing the project being implemented by the environmental […]

Doc Meeting to Discuss Predator Control

Minister of Conservation Maggie Barry will be joined by a top Department of Conservation scientist in Queenstown today to announce the 2016 Battle for our Birds pest control programme. Graeme Elliott will also be present at a meeting in Glenorchy to talk about a planned 1080 aerial drop in the region, including the Dart, Routeburn and Caples Valleys, expected in spring. Dr Elliott told the Otago Daily Times it was an opportunity to talk about […]

Snug Bugs Won’t Buzz Off

Unusually warm weather has allowed far more wasps, flies and mosquitoes to survive the colder months. Flies, mosquitoes and other irritating insects are still buzzing around in winter as record temperatures trigger an explosion in the bug population. Unusually warm weather has allowed far more wasps, flies and mosquitoes to survive the colder months. Viv Van Dyk, managing director of Auckland pest control company Flybusters, says she has had more call-outs than ever before to […]

What You Need to Know About The Zika Virus

Zika virus is a mosquito-borne disease transmitted by daytime-active mosquitoes known as Aedes mosquitoes. The name “Zika” was borrowed from the location where the virus was first isolated, that is Zika Forest, Uganda in the year 1947. The virus is related to West Nile, dengue, Japanese encephalitis, and yellow fever viruses – all of which are mosquito-borne. (Source: Symptoms associated with the Zika Virus Before the current outbreak, Zika virus was not considered a […]

‘Plague of rats’ could descend on NZ next year

A plague of rats could descend on New Zealand next year, an environmental group warns. Forest and Bird says a “pest plague” is on the cards next winter and spring. The group has issued its warning based on the level of beech flowering happening now. “An abundance of beech spring flowering will translate into an abundance of seed next autumn, known as ‘masting’, which in turn leads to an eruption of rat and stoat predator […]