Animal Repellers – Humane Animal Control

Pest infestation is a common thing in every home, with pests ranging from rats & mice to stray cats and dogs. Dealing with any pest is a challenge as most animal pests pose a potential threat to human beings; they can bite or scratch you as you attempt to remove them leading to deadly diseases such as rabies. The best thing to do is to keep your distance. This does not necessarily mean that you […]

Cockroaches: Life Cycle and Control

The cockroach is amongst the most resilient insects. They are known to survive in harsh environments and can survive on very limited resources. Roaches can also go for up to one month without food (Source: It is this ability to survive in harsh conditions that makes cockroaches that hard to get rid of. Cockroaches feed on both human and pet food leaving an offensive odour wherever they have been. Although they do not cause […]

Moth Control – Best Methods

Adult moths are not dangerous nor do they pose any significant health risks, but moth larvae cause damage to clothing, fur, leather, fabrics and to carpets. Larvae feed on fibres that are derived from animals including wool and silk. While moth larvae will feast on clothes and other items they prefer dirty or soiled fabrics over clean ones. This is a good reason to keep items that are susceptible to moth infestation clean to protect […]

Dogs – Control in Your Home

It’s quite frustrating when dogs keep straying into your yard and causing all sorts of messes. They dig around destroying your lawn and plants, and to make matters worse they also defecate in your garden or on your lawn, leaving you with the unpleasant task of waste disposal. If you have pets of your own, their behaviour might be affected negatively when a stray dog marks (pees) in your garden. Other than the mess they […]

How Do I Remove Household Pests?

A pest infestation is a problem every house owner will have to face at some point. Pests are not only unsightly to have around but could cause a host of problems to your family and property. Pests will cause the following problems when they invade your home: They’ll damage property. Almost all pests will cause serious damage to property when they invade your home. They will damage clothing, furniture, electric wiring, electronics, and in extreme […]

How Do I remove Pests From The Garden

Pests can cause a number of problems when they invade your home garden. They will damage your plants, dig up your lawn, defecate on your property leaving a stinky mess for you to clean up, and can cause a lot of discomfort for your family as well as your pet. Some of the common garden intruders in New Zealand include dogs, possums, birds, mosquitoes, and cats among others. Some of these pests could even go […]

Controlling Birds On Your Property

What are Problems associated with an Avian Infestation? What are the Bird Pests Common in New Zealand? What is the Life Cycle of a Bird? How to Control Birds? What are Bird Control Spikes? How to install? What are the benefits using it? Other Bird Repellers and Deterrents What are Sound Repellers? What are the benefits using it? What are Visual Deterrents? What are the benefits using it? What are Physical Repellers? What are the […]

Moss and Mould In Winter: Symptoms, Prevention and Cure

Although they grow in almost similar environments, moss and mould are two very different kinds of lifeforms. Moss is a simple plant while mould is a fungus distantly related to the mushroom. Fungi belong to a special class of living organisms that share similar characteristics with both plants and animals. Unlike moss, mould does not require light to grow and will, therefore, grow even in dark places. Although they are an all-year problem, most indoor […]

How To Get Rid Of Common Household Pests

In addition to being annoying to have around, household pests can pose a serious threat to your family’s health if they’re not dealt with expeditiously. In this post, we shall be looking at common household pests in New Zealand, how you can identify the different kinds of pest infestations, prevention and how you can control them. How to get rid of birds How to get rid of cats How to get rid of dogs How […]

10 Rodent Control Tips For Your Place

Although having a rodent infestation is nothing unusual, their presence inside your place can be distressing. Furthermore, rats and mice can cause significant damage to property and are known to carry diseases that could infect both humans and their pets. Just like other pests, the best rodent control method is prevention – it’s cheaper and easier to do than controlling an already established infestation. But before we get to the tips on how you can […]

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