How Do I Remove Household Pests?

A pest infestation is a problem every house owner will have to face at some point. Pests are not only unsightly to have around but could cause a host of problems to your family and property. Pests will cause the following problems when they invade your home:

  • They’ll damage property. Almost all pests will cause serious damage to property when they invade your home. They will damage clothing, furniture, electric wiring, electronics, and in extreme cases could even munch away your home – think termites.
  • They bite and sting. Pests such as fleas, ticks, bedbugs, wasps, and mosquitoes bite/sting painfully and could even trigger serious allergies in some people.
  • Spreading diseases. Pests spread a host of diseases either directly (through bites and excretes) or indirectly (through contaminated surfaces and food).
  • Bad smells. Some pests produce bad smelling excretes that can make it difficult for you to live comfortably in your home.
  • Pests can cause quite a ruckus when they invade your home. Nocturnal pests in your loft, for example, can keep you up at night as they go about their business.

It is because of these and several other reasons that pests should be kept out of the house.

How do I remove pests without using chemicals or pesticides?

If there are pests that have turned your home into theirs, there are several ways you can remove them without the use of chemicals. These methods include:

  1. There are pest traps for most kinds of pests whether small or big. Traps offer a humane and chemical-free way of removing pests from your household. Some traps (mostly those for larger pests such as possums and rodents) allow you to release the trapped animal outside without causing harm to it, while others (especially those for small pests such as flies and roaches) exterminate them in the process of capturing them.
  2. Using repellers. Professional animal repellers are chemical free and mainly use a combination of technologies such as ultrasonic sound and ionic energy to chase pests out of your home. Repellers are easy to use electrical gadgets that require very little user intervention once they have been installed.

Natural repellers such as coffee grounds, peppermint, ammonia, and vinegar can also be used to keep pests out of your home.

  1. Reducing the humidity in your home. Pests, especially insects, love places with high humidity. Fix leaky plumbing, leaky roofs and improve ventilation in your home to keep the humidity levels low so as to make it difficult for pests to survive in your home.
  2. Removing clutter. A cluttered house provides the perfect dwelling for numerous pests. That’s because clutter gives pests places to hide and build their nests. Keep your things in order to remove pests from your house. Ensure that things that you do not need are disposed of, and the things that you do require are neatly organised.
  3. Keep a clean house. Pests come into the house in search of food and water. Make sure that your house is always clean by vacuuming and sweeping it regularly especially in areas where food is consumed and prepared. Make sure to do your dishes as soon as you finish using them and keep your trash bins tightly covered.
  4. Eliminate food sources. Keep all your food in sealed containers preferably ones made of glass or metal to ensure pests cannot feed on it. Also remove pet food and drink after they finish feeding.

Pests can be stubborn when they invade your home, but by using these methods, you can ensure that they don’t stick around long enough to cause too much trouble.

If it’s too late and you already have a pest problem, then pest control products will help.

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