Mosquitoes As Pests

You will never know peace when mosquitos invade your home. They sting painfully and the noise from their flapping wings will keep you up all night. In addition to the ruckus and pain, some mosquitos also transmit dangerous diseases such as Malaria, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, and Filariasis.Mosquitos belong to the group Diptera similar to other true flies – flies that have a single pair of wings. They are identified by their long, thin legs and a head with a prominent proboscis (the mouth). What most people don’t know is that the male mosquito is quite harmless, it is the female mosquito that is troublesome.Although both male and female mosquitos typically feed on plant juices and nectar, the female’s mouthparts are adapted to piercing animal skins to feed on their blood. The female requires nutrients in the blood of animals to produce eggs. They prefer feeding on people with type O blood, people with a lot of skin bacteria, heavy breathers, the pregnant and people with a lot of body heat.(Source: you have a mosquito infestation? View our entire range of mosquito control products.In addition to the annoying noise their wings make as they fly, mosquitos natively carry and will transmit a number of diseases to humans, including malaria, Murray Valley encephalitis virus, Ross River virus, Barmah Forest virus and dengue fever (1).Mosquitoes can be a pain in all seasons and their bites are itchy but there’s another concern is that mosquitoes carry dangerous diseases with them.Fun Fact : Only Female mosquitoes bite! They need blood feeds to support egg production.They feed on blood from animals (humans included) and it’s during this feeding process that they deposit harmful micro-organisms into the host’s blood. The sting is very painful and causes an irritating rash that can be very uncomfortable.Aedes AlbopictusImage source: – By James Gathany, via Wikimedia Commons

The Life Cycle Of The Mosquito

Knowing and understanding how mosquitos reproduce and the different stages of development is important as it can help you reduce or prevent mosquito reproduction near your home.mosquitosLike most flying insects, mosquitos go through four stages during their life: egg, larva, pupa and finally adult. The adult female mosquito lays its eggs in stagnant water, be it in pools, puddles or in vessels that hold water. After this, the eggs hatch in the water and the larva, otherwise known as the “wriggler”, emerges.The larva lives in the water and feeds until it develops into the next stage; the pupa. The pupa is also aquatic but does not require to feed anymore. It is at this stage that the mosquito develops its features. 2-7 days later, the adult mosquito emerges. The whole process takes about 4 to 14 days depending on the current conditions such as temperature and food availability. Different species will also have different durations. (2)Do you have a mosquito infestation? View our entire range of mosquito control products.

Signs Of A Mosquito Infestation

If you see several of the following signs in your home or around your property then you may be facing a mosquito infestation:
  • live mosquitoes in large clusters
  • high pitched buzzing sounds
  • mosquito larvae in stagnant water
  • bites on your skin
Do you have a mosquito infestation? View our entire range of mosquito control products.

Controlling Mosquitos

Now that we understand that mosquitos require stagnant water to reproduce, it is much easier to control them and avoid infestation. All you need to do is to get rid of any stagnant water in your property and you will have effectively inhibited breeding. Some of the measures you can take to ensure there are no breeding spots for mosquitos near your home include:
  1. Draining or filling pools of water that may develop in your yard.
  2. Unclogging and clearing gutters.
  3. Properly disposing of containers and other items capable of holding water.
  4. Drilling holes in the bottom of your outdoor bins to drain water.
  5. Cleaning your pool regularly and ensuring that it is always chlorinated.
These measures will help prevent mosquito breeding in your garden. But mosquitos can still fly in from other areas. It is, therefore, crucial that you ensure that mosquitos that fly in do not get a settled in your garden. Clear the bushes around your home and mow your lawn regularly. This will ensure that the mosquitos do not find a comfortable place to hang around. (3)

How To Prevent Mosquitoes From Settling Around Your House

  1. Remove Stagnant water sources.Mosquitoes lay eggs in water, hence its important to change the water in flower pots, pet dishes, bird baths etc on regular basis. Make sure potted plants (indoors/outdoors) never have standing water in trays. Most mosquitoes eggs hatch within 48 hours and it takes only 8-10 days for eggs to turn into adults. It doesn’t take too long.
  2. Throw out all the junk from your yard.If your yard has any items you don’t need, chuck them out. Old tires or any other yard debris hiding at some corner in your yard can retain moisture and provide a breeding area to mosquitoes.repel mosquitoes naturally2 Source : EA Forums
  3. Cleaner surroundings.Keep your gutters cleaned out, fill in unnecessary ditches, mow the lawn, basically tidy surrounding, giving no place for mosquitoes to breed. repel mosquitoes naturally3Source : Pinterest

Natural Ways To Remove Mosquitoes

Use of anti mosquito herbs

repel mosquitoes naturally4Source : Wellness for life
  • Citronella is the most common ingredient in most mosquito repellents. It’s a beautiful perennial grass that emits a strong aroma which masks other scents keeping mosquitoes away from things located around this plant.
  • Placing garlic and lavender plants around the home is considered a useful deterrent for mosquitoes.
  • Lemon balm, basil, Marigold, catnip, rosemary & peppermint are some plants which can make your house smell wonderful as well as keep mosquitoes away.
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Use of Oils

repel mosquitoes naturally6Source : Pinterest
  • Tea light candles made with citronella oil are popular for this purpose. Lavender oil can also be applied to outdoor seating areas or windowsills.
  • Coconut oil combined with neem oil repels mosquitoes from humans upto 12 hours. It is also an excellent moisturizer for the kin.
  • Peppermint oil & lemon eucalyptus oil are also useful anti mosquito solutions when applied to the skin.

Use of Pyrethrin

If you are planning an outdoor party on your property you can use insect spray containing natural pyrethrins which is a fast knockdown solution to your problem.It keeps mosquitoes and other flying insects away for few hours.Pyrethrin insect spray by Pestrolpyrethrin insect spray1

Mosquito Control Products

As a second line of defence against mosquitos, professional mosquito control products should be used to ensure that mosquitos stay out of your home and compound. Pestrol has a variety of effective products that can help you out.References:(1) (2) (3) Image Image source: – Mosquito Tasmania crop” by JJ Harrison

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