Possum Control in Your Home

Don’t let their looks fool you, although cute and cuddly, possums can be a real pain when they invade your home. In addition to the ruckus they cause as they go about their business inside your home, possums present a health risk as they can spread disease to humans and pets. Possums spread diseases through their urine and droppings. Possums could also cause damage to your house when they chew on electrical wiring which is […]

Seasonal Pest Control – when to act

As we are nearing the midway point of Summer, the cooler months are just around the corner, it’s a good time to start assessing the pests you might be up against in the cooler months. Rats and mice are likely to become a problem as they seek shelter from the cold and easy access to food. By being proactive and installing deterrents now rather than reacting when you have a problem, you will save yourself […]

Wasps – Life Cycle and Control

Although useful, wasps can be very dangerous when they show up in and around your home. Unlike bees which only sting once, a wasp is capable of stinging several times repeatedly.  While painful, most people will generally recover from a wasp sting within 24hrs with only minor complication. For a small percentage of the population however wasp stings can cause an anaphylactic shock which could be fatal. Wasps come in various sizes and colours depending […]

Humane Rat Traps: Catch And Release

Rats are some of the most annoying animal pests that could set up base in your home. They will not only eat your food but also damage property as they gnaw through your stuff. They also pose a serious fire risk once they start eating off the insulation on your power cables. They cause a lot of ruckus and in some cases pose the risk of disease transmission. It is for these reasons that one […]

What Types of Pest Control Methods are Available to the Average Home Owner?

Most people have been conditioned to believe that every type of pest problem requires a call to a local pest control company. The pest control methods used by companies can include poisons and harsh chemicals that can be toxic and may require you to vacate your home for several long hours. In addition, you will end up paying a lot of money to the company dealing with your pest problems for the products that they […]